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Company history

The innovative design was patented in 2002 as several registries and RSA was established as a private company with the goal of development of the primary product and expanding its production to large scales.

RSA is working on production, commercial and contractions beside researches. We believe that competing in the market requires a comprehensive solution and make it into practice. So RSA designs and produces other instruments such as one phase digital electricity meter, three phase digital electricity meter, related software and accessories.

This meter as the only device capable of meeting the Iranian water industry requirements for several years, quickly stabilized its position between managers and experts in the field of electricity and water; this device is able to measure and manage the underground water.

During 2003 to 2005, the meter successfully passed all stages of experiments and primary tests, then received the necessary approvals from several technical institutes including the Niroo Research Institute, Tehran regional energy and water utility companies; and finally the meter successfully attracted the attention of experts and decision makers for utilization in large scales.

The Iranian Ministry of Energy approved the product and evaluated it financially and at last relying on the RSA's innovative approach decided to supply and install the measuring devices on agricultural water wells all across the country.

Following these decisions from February 2005 till now, almost all regional water utility companies (including: WESTERNAZARBAYJAN, EASTERNAZARBAYJAN, FARS, KERMAN, TEHRAN, YAZD, ZANJAN, GOLESTAN, HORMOZGAN, SYSTAN, CHAHARMAHAL BAKHTIYARI ,SOUTHERN AND NORTHERN KHORASAN, ILAM, HAMEDAN, etc.) signed related contracts with RSA for purchasing and installing of more than 45K meters. Some contracts were signed through the related tender; in all tenders held, RSA was recognized as the only qualified participant.

Company and national interests

Based on thorough economic studies, in the most pessimistic situation revenues from the installation of IEWM for the Ministry of Power in Iran is far beyond the cost in both water and electric fields; so mentioned plan in the second year after investment, offers return rate of +%71 and until the end of 2017  it will increase to +%198. Net present value of a 10-year investment is 1.5 million Dollars in terms of realistic view and is estimated 1 million Dollars in pessimistic conditions.

Company and new technologies

RSA was established by a wide and deep focus on innovation, development, knowledge, production and technology so the organization's mission statement begins with the following:


  • Equipping all water wells in Iran to Intelligent Energy and Water Meters and help to solve the underground water resources crisis

  • Penetrating international markets in the field of designing and producing all kinds of meters & AMI/AMR systems

  • Transforming to one of the main companies in designing and producing a variety of three-phase meters, water meters and AMI/AMR systems


  • To produce and offer Intelligent Energy and Water Meters in local/ international markets

  • To produce and offer one-phase and three-phase Meters in local/ international markets

  • To study the AMI/AMR system's market conditions in Iran, considering competitive advantages

  • To study other AMI/AMR accessories' market in Iran, considering competitive advantages

Manufacturing over 70% of the production line equipments as a symbol of ability and interest:

The assembly line equipments are specific and fully automated; moreover, quality control and testing process require some infrequent equipments & parts. Since the international sanctions against Iran are restrictedly implemented, therefore the company designed and produced most of the assembly line equipments.

Mentioned equipments are as follows:

  • ITP (Integrated Tester & Programmer)

  • FT (Functional Tester)

  • Comprehensive and fully automatic reporting system and quality control

  • Comprehensive testing device, calibration and final quality control

  • Fixtures in montage (DIP)

Company's research programs

  • A project of designing and producing the third generation of IEWM with the aim of

  • Reducing production costs

  • Improving product quality

  • Adding remote reading and other new features

Note: after fulfilling the research processes, the meter has been produced since the beginning of 2011.

  • A project with the aim of capacity building by meeting required conditions for entering the global market, including:

  • Obtaining international certificate

  • Obtaining international patent registries

  • Participating in economic and scientific communities

  • A project with the aim of designing and manufacturing required equipments for third generation of IEWM's assembly line

  • A project with the aim of Designing and manufacturing fourth generation of IEWM's assembly line

  • Comprehensive research plan for AMI-AMR Systems 

Research fund

For accomplishing mentioned projects above, company will allocate 8 billion Rails (depending on the amount of revenues) to R&D during the next three years. This budget will be spent on the following: 

  • Supplying and equipping workshop and laboratory

  • Supplying human resources

  • Supplying materials and equipments for producing laboratory and semi-industrial samples

  • Research trips and visits

  • Experimental Implementation of pilot project 



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