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Smart Water Meter (SWM305) series for managing groundwater withdrawal, compatible with wells which are equipped with any type of digital energy meters

Since “Intelligent Energy and Water Meters” are installed on a number of agricultural water wells across the country, Groundwater Distanced Management System is designed and produced by RSA Electronics in a way to form a complete network of monitoring and management.

Other than monitoring and controlling the agricultural water wells, the System is capable of reporting general information on groundwater resources’ recharge and withdrawal with its’ capability of measuring wells’ head.

Groundwater Distanced Management System is consisted of SWM305, Server, SWM305's communication Software and hardware, Server software and Client software.

SWM305 is an effective instrument for groundwater withdrawal management; it is applicable on wells which are equipped with digital energy meters.

While connected to the installed digital energy meter, this instrument is able to readout all parameters of the energy meter and also calculate instant flow rate as well as total water consumption; and finally could exchange the calculated data to a central server. All configurations such as allowed operating hours, license expiry date, permitted flow rate and permitted credit can be transferred remotely. Moreover, SWM305 is equipped with programmable relay and can turn the electro pump off in case of exceeding permitted withdrawal volume or reaching the license expiry date

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